How To Upgrade Your Bathroom

7 Best Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

After looking at the year and year of your bathroom in the same way you may think that the time may come to upgrade your bathroom. But it seems to cost a lot of work and money.

Whether the furniture looks old or you want to upgrade the bathroom or something new to grab your attention, we can give you these simple and inexpensive costs to make your bathroom look better. Click on the video below to learn more about how you can do this by yourself and without spending the full amount.


Life Hack Upgrade Your Bathroom

If you don’t have much storage space to keep all your shampoo bottles and beauty supplies in your bathroom, you can replace your old shower curtain with a new shower curtain with pockets.

The biggest problem people have in their bathroom is finding a place to keep their phones safely without getting wet and damaged. I also had this problem until I found the right solution. Place the metal container on the wall where you can easily place your phone while you shower or wash your hands. This container can hold even one or two toilet paper only in the case of your kitchen.

Having lots of items on your counter can be challenging so hanging metal holders on your cabinet doors can be the right idea to create more space in your bathroom.

Are you worried if you leave a bad odor after using the toilet? No worries because you can use a scented spray in the toilet before you go and ‘finish’ the work. This will trap bad odors and leave your toilet odorless.


Ideas for how to upgrade a bathroom:

  • Keep shower curtains with pockets
  • Place the metal container on the wall
  • Hang a metal container on your cabinet door
  • Spray the toilet with scented spray 2-3 times before use
  • Place a waterproof Bluetooth speaker in place of your shower
  • Stick a waterproof notepad in your shower area to write ideas
  • Replace an old showerhead with a led shower head

Supplies needed to upgrade your bathroom:

  • Shower screen with pocket
  • Scent spray
  • Waterproof Bluetooth speaker
  • Waterproof notepad
  • Led shower head
  • Metal container

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