Organize your home with these 7 tips

An organized home – we all want that! But how do you do that properly and efficiently?

1. A house without mess

Organizing your home starts with tidying up. With all kinds of junk in your house, it is of course far from organized. We have of course already written a lot about tidying up on the website, but the key point is that you get all loose stuff out of sight. Put the stuff in boxes, hide it under the sofa or buy a cupboard with doors.

Either way – get rid of any unnecessary junk. This is not only much more organized, but also creates a calm and tidy atmosphere.

2. Give things a permanent place

Continuing on the first tip, but certainly important when organizing a house is to give it a permanent place. Put all the clothes in a wardrobe and the dishes in the kitchen.

Slightly less categorized items such as pens, magazines, papers or cables should have a permanent place in your house. Make sure that the place for these items is clear to everyone so that they cannot be confused.

Are there things that do not have a fixed place? Then put these together in a box or drawer. Then these items will still have a permanent place.

3. Making lists and checklists

We love making lists and checklists. Whether it concerns the groceries, the cleaning tasks that still have to be done or the emails that still have to be sent. Making lists keeps you organized.

Hang the lists in a place that you often see and do not lose sight of. The other family members are also regularly reminded of the tasks that still need to be done.

4. Well-styled house

Organizing a house has not only to do with the content, but also with the appearance. A well-styled home is much more organized to the eye. And you do that by bringing cohesion into your interior. For example, through colors that come back in different furniture and accessories, or in a specific material that you implement completely.

5. Apply routine at home

The concept of organizing equals patterns, which in turn equates to a fixed routine. In short: by introducing a routine in the house, it all becomes much more organized.

Especially in a new home, with a new layout, that routine can sometimes be missing. Try to work out a fixed pattern for yourself that you can maintain. This prevents major chaos. 😉

6. Spend less time organizing the house

Not only the house, but also the other family members are part of an organized home. Make sure everyone has a fixed task at home. Everyone has their own qualities, so adjust the task accordingly.

You can also divide the tasks by week or by month, so that everyone does the same amount. Or just as little, because if you take care of an organized house together, keeping up with the household takes much less time.

7. Sit on the same clothesline

Within a household it is important to be on the same (laundry) line. If it is clear to every family member what can and cannot be done, everything in the house will run a lot more smoothly and your house will be much more organized.

If you have children, you can explain this in a playful way, without appearing strict. And it is precisely the structure of an organized house that is very important to children. That way everyone benefits.

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