Hat Makes Washing fun! 9 saving tips for your washing machine

Where one person plummets through the entire family’s dirty laundry at least four times a week to get everything clean, you may find it difficult to gather a full load of laundry once a week. But we can probably all agree on one thing; washing takes energy. Literally and figuratively! That is why we like to give tips on how to deal with this more efficiently. Because let’s face it, we all want to save money and time, right?

1. Hotter is not always better

Always annoying; a big stain from last night’s dinner on your clothes. Or how about a grass stain on the pants of one of your kids. How do you get that out again? Now we understand that you think that the hotter you wash, the cleaner your laundry will be. Yet this is not the case. Your laundry will be just as clean at 30 degrees as when you wash at 40 degrees. An extra nice side effect is that you save a lot on your energy bill. Did you know that you use more than 50% less energy than when you wash at 60 degrees? A child can do the laundry!

2. Cram it!

As we mentioned earlier, it is a breeze for one to get a full laundry, while the other has to save up their dirty laundry for a month. Still, a full drum is the most economical way to wash. The reason for this is very simple; the fuller the drum, the less often you will have to wash. Fortunately, many washing machines today have a half load function. The appliance adapts the water and energy consumption to the amount of laundry. And that is nice if you want to quickly wash your favorite outfit before the weekend. Learn more about washing machine

3. Do the laundry while sleeping

Sounds great right? During the day we are often busy enough, you may not feel like having to wait for the laundry to be done. Many washing machines have a useful function to delay the start time. So you can go to sleep in the evening while the laundry is being cleaned. Nice! In addition, washing during the night is also a lot cheaper when you have a double energy meter. You pay less for electricity during these so-called off-peak hours than during the day.

4. Delicate wash or cotton wash?

Do you often use the delicates program because you think it is better for your clothes? This is not always the case! For example, if you do not have to wash shirts or other delicate materials such as dresses, you can use the cotton wash program. This program is the most energy efficient program on the washing machine. A handy saving tip.

5. Wash at 60 degrees once in a while

This may sound contradictory to our first tip, but doing a hot wash once in a while will ultimately save you money in the long run. Perfect for your towels and bed linen. You use more energy during this wash than when you wash at 30 degrees, but you prevent a mucus layer of bacteria and fungi. And let’s be honest; that makes no one happy!

6. Detergent; less is more!

Nothing is better than throwing a generous dot of detergent in the washing machine. It smells good, so the more the better. However? You might think this, but it is not entirely true. Research has shown that we use 30% too much detergent. Oops. Apparently we have a bit of difficulty with dosing it. Besides saving you money of course, it is also a lot better for your washing machine and you don’t need descaling agents as quickly. Next time we will keep the measuring cup on the cap properly.

7. Meet the eco button

Maybe you have spotted it on your washing machine; the eco button. It sounds environmentally friendly and, surprise, surprise; he is! An eco program on the washing machine washes at a lower temperature and uses less energy than a standard washing program. And that while it makes the laundry just as clean or even cleaner. Does it sound almost too very good to be right? The only drawback is that the program takes a lot longer than a standard program. So if you are not in a hurry with the laundry, this button could be your new best friend.

8. The pre-wash program is out of date

We often stick to certain traditions and customs. For example, it could just be that you are used to always using a pre-wash program for your laundry. This ensured that dirty laundry was first rinsed clean. Today we live in the 21st century and with the current washing machines that is no longer really necessary. It may take some getting used to, but it will make your energy bill a lot happier and it will also save you time. Need even more conviction?

9. Prevention is better than cure

Grr, nothing is more annoying than a washing machine that has stopped working! You may have already noticed, but your washing machine does not like fluff and other fabrics very much. They make the washing machine work less well and therefore consume more energy. You probably already feel it coming; by cleaning it occasionally, your washing machine will last longer, you will get cleaner laundry and thus save money on maintenance and energy. Not a very nice job, but good for the life of your device. Are you not an expert in cleaning washing machines now? Then read our tips for cleaning your washing machine .

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