13 Tips to Save Money on Diapers

13 Tips to Save Money on Diapers

Diapers are a recurring expense during the first years of your baby’s life. Exactly how many diapers you will need is difficult to predict and also depends on age. However, a baby’s first year is based on at least 2,500 diapers. That number should decrease every year to about 1,500 in the fourth year of life. So don’t be surprised if you need a total of between 7,000 and 8,000 diapers for your baby.

So the more you can save on diapers, the more money you have for fun things. That is why we have collected a number of useful tips here with which you can hopefully save a lot of money on diapers yourself.

Tip 1: Choose (washable) cloth diapers

You can wash cloth diapers and use them over and over again. That makes a significant difference in costs – often several hundred euros per year – but of course there will be more time for washing and drying. Cotton diapers are often better for baby skin, so if your baby is prone to diaper rash, that may also be a good reason to opt for cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. Washable diapers are of course also less harmful to the environment.

Washable diapers have changed with the times. So when you now see how you fix a rough, dilapidated cloth with a large safety pin, it is time to adjust that image. Modern cloth diapers come in the form of hip pants where you even have a removable part that is much easier to wash than the entire diaper.

Of course you can also choose a combination of washable and disposable diapers.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the offers / diaper deals

Have you chosen disposable diapers? Then of course it is an open door to say that you should pay attention to offers, but that is simply the fastest way to save money. Whether it is three packs of diapers for the price of two or any other discount promotion, make full use of them, because you will never have too many diapers and before you know it they will be used up again! For example, systematically check all advertising brochures and keep an eye on discount sites. You can also install an app on your smartphone such as Spotta , which allows you to view all folders directly on your phone. The Scoupy app can also be handy, because it allows all discount promotions to arrive directly on your phone.

Tip 3: Be open to different brands

Not every diaper is right for your baby, as you’re likely to notice as a parent, but it’s worth opening up on different brands of diapers if you want to save money. This way you do not only have to pay attention to offers from your favorite brand. So feel free to experiment with trying different brands when you have found a good discount. If your child cannot tolerate a particular diaper, it is of course best to cross it off, but by trying other brands you will not only learn faster what works well for your baby, but you can often also save money.

Tip 4: Try a cheaper (house) brand of diapers

As a brand new parent, you quickly lie under a magnifying glass in your environment. Suddenly everyone knows what would be best for your baby and you may even feel the pressure to buy only the best of the best for your baby. But keep in mind that price does not say everything about quality. Diapers from a cheaper private label can also meet the requirements of the most expensive brands. So feel free to try out those cheap diapers and if you like them, it’s an easy way to save money every week.

Tip 5: Calculate the price per diaper for the best deals

Diapers often contain different quantities in different packages. That is why it is always good to convert the price back to the price per diaper so that you know exactly how much you pay per diaper. This not only applies to comparing the different brands, but is also useful in determining how lucrative a particular discount action actually is.

Tip 6: Ask someone to keep an eye on the offers for you

Are you too busy with the newborn to keep an eye on all offers? That is not surprising, because especially in the first weeks and months you are completely occupied with taking care of and enjoying your baby. Then bring in your family or a friend who can keep an eye on the discounts and other diaper promotions for you. You can then signal them if there is a great offer somewhere so that you can immediately take advantage of it.

Tip 7: Choose the largest packaging

The best discounts usually come with the largest numbers. The larger a package with diapers, the cheaper the diapers that are in it are often. Of course, this does not always have to be the case, so do recalculate the price back to the price per diaper. Of course, do that with any discounts and promotions to check that the price per diaper is indeed as favorable as it seems.

Tip 8: Do not change more often than necessary

A diaper is well suited to absorb multiple puddles because the absorbing capacity is often enormous. This does not bother your baby at all, because his delicate skin just stays perfectly dry with a good diaper. So there is really no need to change your baby right away as soon as you think a pee has been done. By being economical and not just changing out of habit you can save several diapers per week and over the entire three to four years that your baby needs diapers, this will still save a lot.

Tip 9: Have a good stock

It is of course a shame if you are forced to buy expensive packaging due to time constraints or because you are completely without diapers. Therefore, if possible, keep a large stock so that you are never forced to spend a lot of money because you sit up. The good thing is that you can almost always exchange unopened packaging at drugstores and other shops, for example for diapers in a different size. Even without a receipt it is still possible, but you better keep the receipts of course.

Tip 10: Ask specifically for a diaper cake as a maternity gift

No matter how well-intentioned all maternity gifts are, if you don’t have that much to spend, practical gifts are often much nicer to receive. From the money you have left you can then buy the things that you are very enthusiastic about. After all, many of the clothes that are given are left unworn because they are simply not the taste of the parents. A practical gift like a diaper cake is much nicer because it saves a lot of money and diapers always come in handy. So do not hesitate to ask when people would like to know what they can make you happy after the birth of your little one.

Tip 11: Keep the receipts

When you buy diapers at an offer you probably have a large stack of diapers in your house, which you can suddenly just sit with when your baby has a sudden growth spurt. Always keep the receipts for the packages that have not yet arrived, because you can still go back to the store and exchange the package for a larger size that fits well.

Tip 12: Start toilet training as soon as you can

One of the best ways to save nappies is to ensure that your baby no longer needs them at all, and you do that by starting toilet training early. Of course you cannot impose that if your child is not ready yet. In fact, you can even make it last much longer than usual. But if there is interest in going to the game yourself, you can of course stimulate that in the right way.

Tip 13: Also save on baby wipes

With almost every diaper change you use baby wipes and you can also save a lot of money on that. What applies to diapers often also applies to baby wipes. Preferably buy them in large packaging, for example via the internet, and also try out different brands. Also pay close attention to the quality, because the baby’s skin is fragile and some baby wipes contain substances that can irritate your baby’s skin. When using washable diapers, you can also consider washable baby wipes to cut costs, opt for soft toilet paper as an alternative, or just wash with a little water.

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