Amazing instruction for living room cleaning

You can work with two methods in cleaning the living room. The first is working according to the microfibre method and the second is the method where you work with water and a cleaning agent. The trick with cleaning the living room is to clean as much as possible with as few resources as possible. The microfibre method is the method of choice when it comes to using little detergent. If you still want to work with a detergent, use as little detergent as possible. Using a lot of detergent has only disadvantages. For example, it leaves a layer on what you have cleaned.

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Instruction for living room cleaning

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Instruction for living room cleaning with microfibre

First clean what you want to clean in your interior. Making your interior dust- free is perfect with, for example, the dusting glove.

Wet your microfibre cloth and wring it well. Fold the cloth in several planes so that you can work longer.

Work in the most logical order. As much as possible from high to low and from the outside to the inside.

If a surface of your cloth is dirty, take a clean surface and then continue cleaning.

Walk through the room you want to clean.

After you have cleaned everything, you will finally clean the floor.

If you have a carpet or a floor with joints such as tiles or natural stone, you will vacuum the floor.

If you have a hard flat floor such as linoleum, you will dust or vacuum it

After making your floor dust-free, you will finally mop your floor.

You can perfectly mop your floor with the following systems .

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Instruction cleaning the living room with cleaning agent

  • Before cleaning, it is important to first make everything dust-free in your living room.
  • Fill a bucket with lukewarm water (maximum temperature as baby bath water) and dose the correct amount of detergent as indicated on the label.
  • Wet the cloth and then wring it out to the correct moisture.
  • Make sure not to work with a cloth that is too wet as this will leave streaks.
  • Fold the cleaning cloth in several planes and then start cleaning.
  • Do this in a logical order.
  • If a surface of your cloth is dirty, take a clean surface. By working in this way you avoid having to rinse the cloth often. So you don’t have to wring your hands in the water and the cloth as often.
  • Work through the space you want to clean.
  • You have now reached the floor.
  • Cleaning your floor can be done the old-fashioned way with a bucket and a mop or you can opt for a more modern way of working.
  • In any case, you should always make the floor dust-free before you mop or mop it. You can do this by wiping or vacuuming.
  • Finally, you will mop or mop the floor. Before mopping your floor, you can look here for some nice systems to work with.

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