How to use a washing machine?

Have you just bought a brand new washing machine? Nice! Now you want to get started as quickly as possible and get the most out of your purchase.

Wondering how to use your washing machine? Follow our step-by-step plan for flawless laundry.

Step 1: sort your laundry

Sorting is important, we now know that. This also applies to your laundry: sort by color (dark, light-colored and white laundry) and by type of textile (cotton, linen, synthetics, silk, wool, …) When in doubt, look at the label.

Do you still want to wash different textiles together? Which can. Select the MIX (mixed) program or the program for the most delicate laundry and select the lowest recommended temperature. learn more about cheap washing machine

It is best to wash new garments separately a few times, because the dye in new textiles can release the first time. What about a white T-shirt with red letters? Pour 250 ml of vinegar into a bucket of cold water and let the T-shirt soak in it for a few hours. This way you fix the colors so that they don’t run into each other. Learn more about Washing machine hoses

Extra tips

  • Make all empty sacks (check certain tissues, coins …)
  • Role sleeves rolled off
  • Turn trousers and T-shirts with print inside
  • Do zippers and snaps shut, knot strings together

Step 2: fill the drum

Most important rule: never overload the drum . Because this way the laundry cannot move enough and the detergent does not penetrate well into all fibers. As a um … rule of thumb, you should be able to put a flat hand between your laundry and the top of the drum.

Even though it is more ecological to fill your washing machine completely, if you only fill it halfway , it will also use less electricity and water. In that case, remember to use less detergent.


  • Cotton, white, colored wax and linen: full drum (not crowded).
  • Synthetic fabrics and heavily soiled clothes: half load.
  • Wool and delicate fabrics: one-third of the drum.

Step 3: Add detergent

Always respect the dose recommended on the detergent packaging.

Too much detergent creates too much foam and soap residue in your clothes.

Too little detergent will not remove the stains and odors sufficiently.

Applying the correct dosage, that’s the secret to a flawless laundry.

Washing powder, liquid detergent or pods, what do you use when?

The choice is entirely yours.

Pods and capsules have the advantage that they are pre-dosed. In principle, they contain the ideal amount of detergent and fabric softener  for a fully loaded drum.

Washing powder, gels and liquid detergent come in different versions: with bleach  for white laundry , without bleach for colored or  dark laundry . You will not find specific detergents for wool and silk in powder form.

In any case, always read the instructions on the product packaging.

Did you know? Some washing machines are equipped with an automatic dosing system.

Step 4: Select the Right program and temperature

All washing machines have washing programs for cotton, synthetics, delicates, and mixed loads, each with adjusted temperatures.

Do you want to use your washing machine to wash delicate fabrics? Select the wool, silk or hand wash program.

There are also specific washing programs for shirts, jeans, curtains, and even baby clothes.

Pre-treat stains and choose a washing machine with an anti-stain function such as grass or chocolate stains.

To wash as ecologically as possible, it is best to select a temperature of 30 ° to 40 ° C. To efficiently remove bacteria from, for example, stockings and underwear, you should set a temperature of at least 60 ° C.

You select the program via a rotary knob, push buttons or via a touch screen and hop, you’re off.

Step 5: Empty the washing machine

Take your laundry out of the machine immediately after the program has finished. If you leave it on for too long, it can smell musty or even moldy.

Tip: use the delay start function so that the washing cycle is ready when you can immediately take out the laundry.

Do you want to wash at night and enjoy the cheaper nightly rate? Select the rinse hold function so that your laundry remains in the last rinse water. When you want to take out the laundry, all you have to do is select the spin/pump program.

Did you simply forget to empty your washing machine? The message is to wash again. Then choose a short program.

Is the washing machine empty? Leave the door open in between washes so everything inside dries properly. This also prevents unpleasant smells.

From sorting to emptying the washing machine: now you know everything about the optimal use of your washing machine. Enjoy your first fresh wash!

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