How to Clean Washing Machine inside

how to clean washing machine inside

Do you need to disinfect and clean your washing machine? Next you will learn how to do it with these simple grooming tricks.

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It is ironic that the washing machine can be dirty, however this happens more than you think. So many stained and odorous clothes end up dirtying this appliance and/or filling it with mold; For this reason, you have to know how to clean the washing machine thoroughly from time to time, and hopefully, you can do it with things that you already have at home. You can also choose to make natural cleaning products. (Here’s  how to make an all-purpose cleaner at home .)

Cleaning washing machine: what to do it with?

To clean the inside of the washing machine you will only need 4 things:

  • Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • Hot water
  • A cloth

Next, we detail all the tricks and steps to leave your washing machine sparkling inside and free of bad odors.

So how do you clean the inside of the washing machine?

There are two fundamental parts to cleaning your washing machine that can prevent the formation of mold and bad odors:  the drum and the rubber . Then, we advise you to also take a look at the filter to make sure that dirt has not accumulated there either. Likewise, it is recommended that you clean the soap and fabric softener dispensers every 6 months approximately.

1. Clean the drum of the washing machine with white vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent cleaning supplement because, in addition to eliminating bad odors, it also kills bacteria. Thus, to achieve a deep cleaning of your washing machine, simply add half a cup of white vinegar in the detergent dispenser and then select a normal wash cycle at a temperature of 30º or more.

If you notice that the machine has not yet been completely cleaned when it finishes its function, you can repeat the process, but this time add a cup of the same bleach that you use to wash clothes in its corresponding bucket.

And for an even more effective cleaning, remember that vinegar also serves to descale the lime that may be in your washing machine, but if there is a lot in your area, it is recommended that you add a specific product. Finally, after cleaning the drum of your washing machine, remember to cycle on a vacuum or with old towels to finish rinsing well.

2. How to clean the rubber of the washing machine?

The rubbers on washing machines with front windows are usually the place where dirt accumulates the most. It is convenient that you clean it at least once a month to prevent the remains from sticking and being more difficult to remove.

A cloth and a used toothbrush

Step by Step:

Turn off the washing machine and open your door. Pull the rubber out with your hands without removing it all.

Dampen the cloth with the cleaning detergent or bleach and rub it on the rubber until the dirt is completely removed. If you are going to use bleach, you must wear gloves and a mask to avoid accidents.

If the gum is very dirty, let the detergent sit on the stain for a couple of minutes, then rub it with your used toothbrush to remove any residue.

Remove the excess detergent or bleach with another dry towel. Make sure to remove all excesses.

3. Clean the filter of a washing machine

We mentioned earlier that vinegar is an excellent cleaning supplement and is an ideal option if you don’t want to use bleach. It helps to remove soap residues and other chemicals, in addition to helping to eliminate bacteria. That is why it is ideal for cleaning the filter, which is the place where the remains of detergent, fluff, etc. are deposited, which over time clog the drain channel of the machine.

To clean the filter we recommend doing the following:

Completely empty the washing machine (doing a previous emptying cycle)

Unplug it from the socket.

Loosen the filter cap carefully so that no water splashes. It’s a good idea to have a mop nearby in case liquid gets on the floor.

Take out the filter and remove all accumulated debris by wiping it over or directly in the sink.

Once clean, put the filter back in place and close the washer compartment.

And if what you want is to disinfect it or make a bad smell go away …

When an appliance emits bad odors, it is most likely infected with bacteria that cause mold, either due to lack of ventilation or poor maintenance.

The battle against odor from a washing machine is simpler than it sounds and it is not much different from the conventional cleaning procedure. You must do the following:

Do a short cycle with hot water and this time apply half a liter of white vinegar (or the entire bottle if the smell is very strong).

When the cycle is over, open the washer doors and leave them like that for the rest of the day so that the interior of the machine can be ventilated.

(Optional) Put a bowl of baking soda in the drum and let it sit there overnight. The bicarbonate is of great help for the absorption of bad odors and to make an effective cleaning.

Other Tricks for the Maintenance of Your Washing Machine

Don’t overload your washing machine. Each machine has a permissible weight load that is usually between 10 to 23 kilos (depending on the size of the drum). Do not exceed its limit because you can spoil your clothes and also the appliance.

After each use, get in the habit of leaving the washer lid open for the rest of the day. This will allow it to ventilate and reduce the likelihood of mold growth.

Clean the soap and fabric softener box with vinegar from time to time. In this compartment, traces of chemicals tend to accumulate that end up creating an unpleasant stain.

Clean your washing machine at least once a month to always keep it at 100% efficiency.

Remember to turn off the water and turn off the washing machine if you will be away from home for many days, thus avoiding possible accidents

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