How should I save?

How should I save?

Do you want to have a savings reserve available for unforeseen expenses or do you save for a specific purpose? And are you wondering how to do that best? Most open a savings account and deposit a certain amount every month, but there are other ways to save or save money. 

Make an overview of your income and expenditure
With KBC Touch you get an idea of ​​where the most money goes and what you can save
Make use of automatic savings orders.
You don’t have to think about putting aside an amount every time
First compare the prices for large purchases
Think of alternatives.
For example, save part of your monthly savings in a savings account and invest part in an investment plan
Try to take the bike instead of the car more often.
You save gasoline and it is better for the environment
Take advantage of discounts and special offers
Plan your vacation in advance so you can already compare some prices.
And take advantage of early booking discounts

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Save with a fixed amount

Do you save for a certain purpose or do you just want to build up a reserve? The simplest is to set aside a fixed amount monthly, or with a fixed period. This way you commit yourself to save, while you might otherwise spend that money.

Choose a realistic amount. It makes no sense to set aside a large amount if you get into trouble in your daily life. Depending on your personal situation, it is recommended to save a certain percentage of your wages. If you consistently maintain that, then you have a nice amount in your savings account at the end of the ride.  

Save what you have left

In addition to a fixed amount, you can also save what you have too much. This means that you choose to have a certain amount on your current account at the end of the month. You save everything that remains above that amount. This way you will not get into trouble immediately if there are months with more costs. 

The classic savings account

If you want to save safely, it is best to open a savings account. That is a savings formula without risk and you know in advance how much interest you can expect. That interest can of course still change due to external influences, such as the European Central Bank. 

Not only can you save for yourself, but with certain savings accounts you can easily save for your children , or other loved ones. In a savings account you decide how much and when you deposit. If there are months when you are short on cash, you just save a little less. 

Free savings account

With a savings account you create a reserve at your own pace.

Save with a fixed term

If you can miss your savings for a certain period of time, you can also lock that money. With a term account you are sure that you will have a nice amount after a certain term. You lock your money at a fixed interest rate and for a specific term. You agree upon the interest rate that is guaranteed. The development of interest rates after subscription no longer affects the rate of the investment. Just like a savings account, you have a capital guarantee.

The advantage is that the interest is often higher than on a regular savings account, but you pay a higher withholding tax on this (of 30%). Moreover, there is no exempt bracket as with the regulated savings account.

When you decide to open a term account, make sure you don’t need that money until maturity. If you do need your capital earlier, the term investment can be settled early, but then costs will be charged.

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